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100% New

Zealand origin


Tested for quality,

purity and NZ origin


Protected and



Certified for natural

MGO content

World Bee Day Exclusive

MGO 573+ | UMF 16+ Mānuka Honey


MGO 400+ | UMF 13+ Mānuka Honey


MGO 700+ | UMF 18+ Mānuka Honey


MGO 263+ | UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey


MGO 600+ | UMF 16+ Mānuka Honey Squeeze Bottle, 13.2oz


MGO 115+ | UMF 6+ Mānuka Honey On-The-Go


MGO 115+ | UMF 6+ Mānuka Honey


MGO 30+ Mānuka Honey Blend


Manuka Honey User Guide Detlef Mix


Spring Favorites

MGO 573+ | UMF 16+ Mānuka Honey


New Zealand Propolis 1-A-Day Capsules


MGO 400+ | UMF 13+ Mānuka Honey


Mānuka Honey & Lemon Lozenges


Mānuka Honey & Propolis Lozenges


There are no shortcuts to perfection.

The perfect dose to your Spring routine!

Great for gut health, inflammation and more!
Rare, delicious & uniquely potent
Sustainably sourced in New Zealand
Independently tested for quality, purity & potency

This is Mānuka Honey

The Process

What makes Manuka Honey so different?

Genuine Mānuka honey only comes from New Zealand. Find out why the New Zealand's unique environment helps make Mānuka honey so powerful.

Why our hives are so remote

To ensure the purest Mānuka honey we place our hives in the most pristine, remote locations. Join our head beekeeper Dave visiting these beautiful parts of New Zealand.

How do we collect our Manuka Honey?

See how our Mānuka honey gets from the hive to the jar - our head beekeeper Dave takes us through the journey.