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    Mānuka Honey Ultra MGO 800+

    ​With extraordinary levels of MGO, Ultra MGO 800+ imbues the body with a cascade of natural benefits.

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    • A rare and treasured gift from mother nature.  

    • Created by the honeybee and the mānuka tree to enhance daily wellbeing.  

    • Harvested and crafted in the pristine lands of New Zealand, with 100% New Zealand Guarantee of Origin.  

    • Certified and scientifically proven to contain an abundance of the natural methylglyoxal (MGO) compound.   

    • Sustainably harvested with great care, ensuring the ultimate protection of its precious properties.   

    • One luminous component of a holistic and harmonious system for wellness.  

    • How to use

      Just one spoonful once a day of this potent and pure gift from nature brings balance and harmony to the body and skin, without and within.


       Immense and intense with mineral bursts and chocolate notes. 

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    • Ingredients

      Monofloral MGO 800+ mānuka honey.

    • Allergy Information

      Warning not suitable for infants under 12 months of age


    MGO Explained

    Much of nature’s magic is immeasurable. But with MGO ratings, we can take measures to ensure the purity, potency and power of this most reassured gift from nature.



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    What makes mānuka honey so miraculous?

    Mānuka honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the native New Zealand mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Until recently, the secret behind mānuka honey’s miraculous powers was a mystery. But widely renowned for its remarkable nature, mānuka honey became the first honey to undergo an unprecedented level of research and scrutiny. As a result, scientific research has since discovered that the naturally occurring compound, methylglyoxal (MGO), is the key component responsible for this anything-but-ordinary honey’s extraordinary qualities

    Find out more about mānuka honey.

    How do I choose the right mānuka honey / MGO for me?

    To help us measure the magic of mānuka, Mānuka Health pioneered the MGO testing method. This provides a scientifically proven measure of each jar of mānuka honey's power and potency, so you can confidently choose the right mānuka honey for your needs. 

    The MGO system is effective, yet simple; the higher the MGO, the more potent the honey.

    As a general guide, we recommend:

    • To support daily wellbeing – choose Daily MGO 400+

    • For extra goodness to elevate inner and outer radiance – choose Extra MGO 600+

    • For targeted and acute care needs – choose Ultra MGO 800+

    How do I use mānuka honey?

    Our mānuka honey is as delicious as it is miraculous, and it can be enjoyed any way you choose.

    • Savour it straight from the spoon

    • Dilute it in water for a refreshing energy boost

    • Add it to smoothies, or drizzle it over yogurt or cereal for extra goodness

    • Use it as a soothing natural sweetener in tea or coffee

    • Apply it as a natural skin mask for hydration and a luminous glow

    How do i know my Mānuka honey is genuine?

    It’s true that not all nature’s gifts were made equal. To ensure the authenticity of your mānuka honey, check the brand behind the jar. Seek products that have been packed and sourced in New Zealand; a strong sign of the genuine article. Indicators such as the MGO or UMF rating can also contribute to the mānuka honey’s credibility. Find out more about our authentic mānuka honey.

    Is Mānuka Health’s honey organic?​

    Our honey is a gift from nature, made in collaboration between the honeybee and the wild mānuka tree. As such, it is considered wild-crafted, and therefore cannot be certified organic.

    Does our honey contain antibiotics, hormones or additives?​

    As nature’s golden gift, we believe mānuka honey is the pinnacle of natural perfection. We do not tarnish it with antibiotics, hormones, or additives. Our powerful and potent mānuka honey is tested for contaminants, toxins, heat damage and added sugars – ensuring the ultimate in purity, quality and food safety. ​